Evaluation of an Email

Evaluation of an Email

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Evaluation Of An Email
Email is one of the most useful and convenient means of communicating. Over recent years email activities has grown extensively and is now regarded by many as a key business tool. Thus, today it has become very vital to understand the art of effective email writing. In this assignment we have been asked to evaluate an email message using effective email practices. After going through the sample, we can clearly see that this message should not have been sent as an email because it consists of many errors and as instructed I would like to point out those errors and make few suggestions to make the email more effective.

➢ Firstly, a specific subject line description is very important to describe what reader will find inside. But in this email, the writer has not mentioned the subject clearly. Subject “account” does not clearly describe the reason of the letter.
➢ Secondly, the writer has not used any salutation in the beginning of the email. By beginning the email with a Salutation, creates a good impression (for example dear Sir).Salutation shows that the writer has some respect for the person who will be reading the mail.
➢ Further the entire letter is written in capital letters, which is not a polite way as it means that you are shouting at the recipient.

It is very important to use short sentences, The email should always be to the point.
An email should be in such a way that the reader can easily understand what the writer is trying to say. The language used in the email should be simple. However the sample which we have been given to evaluate lacks these important qualities. That is very long sentences have been used in this email, there are some sentences which are not complete and they did not comprehend any meaning. The writer has also made many spelling mistakes, which could have been avoided. Another important mistake to be noted is that sender informs the recipient that the balance left to be paid is...

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