Evaluation of Ms Office 2010

Evaluation of Ms Office 2010

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I have chosen to evaluate Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 (latest BETA software version). I have not yet had the opportunity to install the RTM version.

Question 2:

2.1 Plan the evaluation using the DECIDE framework

1. Determine the goals
Goals guide the evaluation by helping to determine its scope:

a. Determine the ease / difficulty with which users create, view and save the first two slides of a PowerPoint presentation
b. Determine the effectiveness of the help facility within the application
c. Determine if the interface of the new version of Microsoft Office 2010 is consistent with the previous version of 2007

2. Explore the questions
In order to make goals operational, one must clearly articulate the questions to be answered by the evaluation study:

a. Is any guidance provided for you to create your first slide?
b. Once your slide has been created, is it easy to view it as a slide show?
c. How do you go about saving your presentation?
d. Do you use the help facility if you get stuck? Did you find what you were looking for in a reasonable time?
e. How similar is this new version of Microsoft Office compared to the previous version?

3. Choose the evaluation approach and methods
The assignment dictates that a hybrid evaluation methodology be implemented consisting of the usability testing and heuristic evaluation approaches.

Usability testing is particularly important at the later stages of design for ensuring consistency in navigation structure, use of terms and how the system responds to the user. Usability testing involves measuring typical users’ performance on typical tasks. In the evaluation of PowerPoint, we are going to measure the time it takes users to create, view and save two slides of a presentation.

In heuristic evaluations knowledge of typical users is applied, often guided by heuristics, e.g. guidelines and standards, to identify usability problems. Heuristics are based on common-sense knowledge and usability...

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