Evaluation of Xbox 360

Evaluation of Xbox 360

With so many gaming systems out, it is hard for anyone to choose which system would be right for him or her. As a gamer I prefer the Xbox 360 over all other systems. If someone was to ask me, what system I would choose? I would answer “The Xbox 360”. The Xbox 360 is a gaming console that was made by Microsoft in the early 2000s. The Xbox 360 gaming console can be fully enjoyed by all ages, no matter if someone is new to the gaming scene or not.

Early release of the console left the accessories for the Xbox 360 limited but, as years passed the console accessories expanded. With the first Xbox a gamer only had a wire or wireless remote controller, a headset, and an Ethernet cord which allowed a player to connect onto Xbox live. However, a gamer can now purchase a wireless connector for cordless connection, a QWERTY keyboard which you connect to the controller for faster texting on the 360 or a Bluetooth headset for wireless chatting. As the Xbox 360 upgrades so does the technology with it, and since the Xbox has upgraded once again a new accessory has been introduced called the Kinect. The Kinect gives the gamer the ability to play games without a controller “full body gaming” using motion sensing technology which matches a person every movement. The Kinect can also allow you to video chat with other gamers that have Xbox Live without using a headset. This latest accessory is sure to bring more people to the 360 side.

The game selection of the 360 is great, but I feel as if game developers are aiming more towards the older crowd with their last few releases of games. A younger, kid friendly game comes out once in a while, but a person is more likely to see a shooting, action packed game than a game based off of a Disney movie. Therefore, teenagers are more likely to obtain the Xbox 360 than a young child. However, the games are released the Xbox 360 still reaches people of all ages.

The Xbox 360 is not like any other system anybody has ever played before....

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