Strengths: I achieved a lot of work for a first attempt. My initial brainstorm gave me a choice of ideas, and I did meet the deadline so I organized my time well. I used a range of materials I had not tried before, in particular working in collage was quite new to me. Whilst not all my trials with new media were 100% successful it did provide me with one or two appropriate styles that I eventually used in my final pieces. I learnt also to use college facilities and work with the technicians in the workshops in getting right the practical construction of some of my finished pieces.

In my research I discovered some new artists who also provided inspiration. I attended the Lecture Theatre talks about racism and found the personal experience of ex-professional footballer Paul Mortimer inspiring. I looked at films involving racism such as Mississippi Burning, and looked at the work of black British artists Sonia Boyce , Chris Offilli and Yinka Shonibere, which showed me that there is no one set way to answer this brief. This has been a steep learning curve for me, not always comfortable, and very different from what I am used to with my previous art projects. I feel non the less I have achieved a result that I can use as a portfolio piece in a future degree application.

Weaknesses: Getting started! This created a delay. I did not realize how much time it takes to find all the research and get materials together. Also I had some difficulties with computer software. I did lose direction at one point and did not make progress until I eventually asked for some advice. I spent too much time in making decisions about which ideas to choose which meant I had to slightly rush the last stages of the project; at least I would have liked to have spent more time on presentation. For future reference I need to plan more carefully the stages of the project so I don’t get stuck on one aspect for too long (perhaps a diary of things to do will help?).

Areas for improvement:...

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