Evan Maxfield

Evan Maxfield

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Evan maxfield

By: Wade Bronson

Evan maxfield is a devoted agronomist that works for Wheatland seed. Recently he has been doing some specialty work to help out the people of Africa starting with cities in Ethiopia. with the help and sponsorship of the morrel foundation he surely shall prevail. The people in Ethiopia are deprived of education and technology in the art of farming. Evan maxfield on the other hand is educated, well supplied , inspired and motivated in these aspects of farming. They have already accomplished so much in just a few months period of time including: extensive work on irrigation systems, planting an orchard of over five thousand trees of different species, started biofuel crops to reduce dependency on oil. They have also brought in and are feeding cattle, planting forage crops. Evan is introducing them to dry farming a use full technique in desert environments like Ethiopia and pretty much all of Africa
Learning about the Ethiopian culture, economy and way of life is a big part of what Evan Maxfield and the Morrel foundation are trying to do, once they learn their ways of living they can help them with there problems and increase the overall quality of life. These people make as little as a dollar a day for a full time job. that is extremely bummy!
All in all Evan Maxfield is a multi talented man with good ethics and not to mention a good brain. He also traveled to china recently and discovered it to be unappetizing, over populated and strikingly interesting. that’s a lot more than I have ever done in a year. Thank god for Evan Maxfield!

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