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Collaborative Project Evaluation Form Name of Project: Euthanasia Assisted Suicide

YOUR NAME: Kenneth

TEAM MEMBERS' NAMES: Tianna and nina

DIRECTIONS: Respond to each question as openly and honestly as you can. I will be the only person to see your evaluation of your team’s performance and will use your responses here as one factor in my determination of your grade on the project. The form is “locked” so that you can tab through the fields to enter your responses.

1. How many times did your team meet? Did any members of your team miss any of these meetings? If so, give names and their explanations below.
One time because of personal duties. I myself scheduled a time to meet Thursday evening at 5 p.m. with them so that we may finish our project and other assignments. They both did not show. Since they did not show up i sent them emails stating what i added to our project and so on. I also gave them my number in which to contact me so we can meet Friday after to finish what needs to be done. I received no call or text nor email. I finsihed the project on my own honestly.

2. How would you evaluate each person's contribution to the team’s efforts? Name each person and rank his or her effort (e.g. much effort, average effort, little effort). Justify your rankings with specific examples of why you think as you do.
I, myself believe that I ended up doing a good amount on my own. Granted if my partners helped out we would of finished everything. I rate myself with much effort in the little time i had. Nina, considering this project was based off her paper, began about 4 slides with moderate information. I rate her average effort. Tianna, i give little effort. Considering she did complete a couple assignments on her own she did not fully aid in the main project.

3. Evaluate your contribution to the team project. Explain.
On the day my group and I were suppose to me I reviewed our slides. I then looked for more information on the...

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