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Stuck in the Past

In Eveline written by James Joyce,set in Ireland. Eveline was of Catholic religion so her family would always come first. Eveline was brought up in the little brown house which was a lot different then the bright red brick houses with the shining roof. She could remember when their use to be a field there but now there is only houses. Eveline is stuck surronded by the dust and memories of the past. She is scared of the unknown. In the short fiction of Eveline, James Joyce saws us how easily a person can be trapped in the past and they can't get out.

Eveline never really had a life. She was the girl so she would have to help cook and clean. She had to help raise her little brothers. She was always inside. And yet during yet all those years she had never found out the name of the priest whose yellowing photograph hung on the wall above the broken harmonium beside the coloured print of the promises made to Blessed Margaret Mary Alacoque. p.(4). She counldn't leave her parents house. She was stuck. She looked round the room, reviewing all its familiar objects which she dusted once a week for so many years, wondering where on earth all the dust came from. p(3). She never really knew what love was. So, thats why it was so hard for her to leave with Frank. She wanted to, but she couldn't shake the feeling that she was needed at home.

Eveline's father was a bad drunk. He would make Eveline beg for some money so that she could get his children something to eat.He said she used to squander the money, that she had no head, that he wasn't going to give her his hard-earned money to throw about the streets, and much more, for he was usually fairly bad on Saturday night. p(9). He would of rather spent his hard-earned money of alcohol then feeding his children. When they were growing up he had never gone for her, like he used to go for Harry and Ernest, because she was a girl; but latterly he had begun to threaten her and say what he would do to...

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