Evolution of Protein Electrophoresis Market 2015-2023

Evolution of Protein Electrophoresis Market 2015-2023

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Protein Electrophoresis Market - Global
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Trends and Forecast 2015 – 2023

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Proteins are biological macromolecules considered as the basic component of a majority of enzymes and other
complex bimolecular compounds, and are also required in the synthesis of such compounds. Proteins differ from one
another based on the number of peptide structures present within them and they way in which they are folded ore
arranged. These peptides are further composed of amino acid molecules that together form a chain to give rise to
the peptide’s respective structure. Protein electrophoresis has been a fundamental research process to evaluate the
contents of a protein based on their molecular weight and their charge. Protein electrophoresis can either be done
by either denaturing or non denaturing methods. Denaturing process allows protein unfolding and study of various
polypeptides by their molecular weight and charge (charge to mass ratio), whereas non denaturing methods (also
known as native gel methods) take protein size into consideration as a whole without unfolding the main structure
thereby studying its shape and size in the process. Polyacrylamide gel is a commonly used porous gelling agent, for
both methods, that allows for movement of proteins within the buffer medium. Denaturing methods employ sodium
dodecyl suphate (SDS), a commonly used detergent agent that allows for unfolding of proteins into their
polypeptides and in the process assists...

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