Evolutions in Port Management

Evolutions in Port Management

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1. Introduction


Over the past decades, the port has undergone a great development and change to adapt to new circumstance and to meet commercial requirement.

1.1.1 Relationship between port management, operation and competition

Inevitably, port management, operation and competition and their relationship also changed with the evolution of port. This was proved by Meersman and Van de Voorde. (2002, p. 891-892): Port management is no longer only responsible for supervising and determining the port operation, it has become a subordinate function which provides the facilities as required to the players in port operations. Moreover, the development of new technologies and strategic have led to fierce port competition, so all ort players are trying to manage and operate the port well to survive in the competition, which promotes the port development. As different ports in a particular range have to competing for the same goods flow, “each port management is concerned primarily with its own competitive position in the range to which it belongs” (Meersman, H & Van de Voorde, 2002, p. 892)

This report will analyse how the port management with the development of port and discuss the model of port development as well as the importance of competition in the further port evolution.

2.0 Evolutions in port management

According to the view of Meersman and Van de Voorde(2002, p. 891-892), the role of port management has been changed: In the past, port management was controlled by the port authorities exclusively. However, the power of port authorities to control the port has been declined over the past decade, and now the participators of port activities such as the terminal operators and shipping companies are becoming the powerful player who affects the port management directly. Suykens and Van de Voorde, E. (1998) stated that this trend leads to the change of objectives pursued and the tools applied, because the objectives of port...

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