Ergonomics, Inc OM761 Zhiyun(Kevin) Kuang

During the time Ergonomics is deciding when to include ERM issues in the new product design process, as the new product team, we will make the decision choosing from one of the four options.

We choose to wait to include all of the environmental concerns. AHP method confirms our decision is correct.

Major Issues:
1. Opting to wait will cause problems for recycling and refurbishing.
2. Supplier A is financially strapped and experiencing some cash flow problems, opting to wait and finally not choose to cooperate with Supplier A might have adverse influence on the current business with Supplier A.
3. The Sage chair is constrained by a one-year deadline for release into the marketplace and full production ramp-up. Opting to wait will cause shorter time to develop the new chair.
4. Even waiting for a period of time, more environmental concerns will still come out. The new product still can not include every concern.

1. Making two different designs based on two approaches (ERM or existence technologies) is appropriated.
2. Communicate with Supplier A and provide more information to them such as waiting time limitation and waiting goals. Providing more information will help them estimate how long they might experience the financial problem due to the R&D expense on new technologies.
3. Develop two possible designs for the new chair.
4. List the expectation of waiting and set an ultimate date for waiting, this will help to prevent losing profits without any control.

1. The product team may not have enough personnel and time to develop two designs during the time of waiting.
2. Supplier A could still have more severe financial problems if they don’t have the financial ability to endure during the time of waiting.
3. Same limitation if not enough resource to develop both designs.
4. It’s possible that in a short period of time, no environmental concerns can...