Examine Ways in Which Powers Are Able to Define What Is and Is Not Deviant

Examine Ways in Which Powers Are Able to Define What Is and Is Not Deviant

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Examine ways in which powerful groups are able to define what is and what is not deviant. In your answer use material from at least one of the following: Family, Religion, Education, Power and Politics, Wealth, Health, Media

In today’s society many powerful groups can influence what is seen as deviant. This can change and be changed over time, owing to being a social construction. Deviant behavior is behavior which goes against the norms and values of society, so for something to be deviant society must agree that the behavior is inappropriate. This is where the social construction of deviance occurs, we cannot pinpoint exactly in society where the generally accepted norms and values come from, and therefore where what is deemed as deviant comes from. However, major social institutions such as the education system play a massive role.

However, this change is likely to be done over time and gradually, and with the approval of other powerful groups such as the children’s families and the government. The family can influence the process of changing deviant behavior by how they react to such in the home, for example a deviant act must be punished, or the act is not seen as deviant and will be repeated, and will in the end be acceptable behavior, and not deviant, in the child’s eyes. If, on the other hand the child is punished for a behavior they will come to see it as deviant even if others don’t, children will learn through punishment and reward. A behavior rewarded will encourage the norms and values that the rewarded act entailed, whereas a punished behavior will inform the child that the act they did was deviant and therefore should not be repeated.

So, in conclusion these big powers can have a massive influence on what is and is not seen as deviant, however if what is and is not deviant is not agreed upon by the big powers or society itself then it will not change. This would result in a possible rift in society, and a sort of anarchy. This is...

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