Examining Pro Social Behaviors

Examining Pro Social Behaviors

Examining Pro Social and Aggressive Behaviors

Angela Mendivil

Brandman University

Pro social behavior can be defined as the actions or behaviors that can be intended to benefit other members of society. These types of behaviors can include many different types of actions such as volunteering to feed the homeless, or simply helping a stranded motorist. These types of actions can provide many different types of benefits to our society. Many times we go through life fixated on our own problems, not considering how trivial they may be in comparison to someone who may be experiencing great adversity. I believe those of us who have been wrapped up in our own issues, have at times gone through life anmbivalent to the needs of other members in our society, until we go through our own adversity.
Many times when we suffer a great loss our sense of empathy may develop a lot stronger than it was before our loss, and the loss we suffer ends up teaching us a great lesson in compassion and humility. I have seen many different news stories done on “giving,” usually those who are more willing to give or offer aid are those who have at some point in their lives experienced some type of loss.
The fact that people learned from their adversity to provide aid is great! Although, I do believe that people should not have to experience adversity in order to recognize when a person is in need, and be able to provide the need necessary to alleviate their suffering. Pro Social behavior should exist in al of us just because.
I grew up during the age before the internet, during this time when a motorist needed to push their car a group of people would jump out right away and offer their assistance. So many changes have taken place in our society that leads people to believe that their help is not necessary.
No, it may not be absolutely necessary, but it does feel good to know that a stranger thought enough to take the time to help when they did not have to. In...

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