Executive Summary: Acuscan

Executive Summary: Acuscan

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Running Head: Executive Summary

Executive Summary
University of Phoenix
May 31, 2010

The purpose or scope of this document is to provide an overall view of the facts involved in the current situation at AcuScan outlining possible solutions or alternatives. This document details identified problems, provides support of findings, and will ultimately propose alternative solutions for the problems identified. Also provided within the document are evaluations of individual arguments of involved parties. Also identified are the main issues or problems of AcuScan, which ultimately is the root cause of conflict among AcuScan employees and for AcuScan as a company.
At the heart of things the primary concern for AcuScan is decreasing sales revenues. Despite significant cost cutting measures and revamping of the supply chain management system last year AcuScan is still experiencing continued losses and must find a new source of revenue to augment current and projected future declines. The CEO has given challenge to his managers to develop a new product idea that would increase sales and reestablish AcuScan’s place as an industry leader and resurrect its place in the market while adding new revenue streams.
Pat Lambert, Director of Marketing, and a fairly new team member, came up with an idea to use the retinal iScanner in the retail sect, which she gained the support of Chris Martinas, VP of Product Development. Both believing that the iScanner can be used in retail stores for the purposes of identifying incoming customers, track customer movements, capture data on shoppers wants, needs, desires, and serve to build a customer database for retailers. Fantastic concept but unrealistic according to Kelly Thomas, Chief Engineer, in that all of these features would require longer then the 6-month time period established as well as hours that are simply unavailable from the programmers currently on staff.
Such large expenditures of time...

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