Executive Summary: Housekeeping

Executive Summary: Housekeeping

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Executive Summary
University of Phoenix
Organizational Leadership

Executive Summary

The purpose of this executive summary is to explain the design approaches for a product, hotel rooms, and the service, a restaurant in a hotel. The summary will explain the production process, the project flow and the process design approach.

Hotel rooms are always being used and are always in need. The question is who is your target market and where do you need to be located. Once these questions are answered then the product (hotel) can be built. The product that is being discussed is a hotel room(s). These rooms are in a fixed location that is available to the customer as long as the customer goes to the hotel. The production process for a finished hotel rooms consists of the cleaning and updating the rooms for the guest’s comfort and usability. In this case, focus is just on providing an already updated room that needs to be cleaned. The process with fall into the category of make-to-stock. The reasoning here is the room is already made and the only thing that is needed are the sheets and any basic toiletries. The housekeeper gathers all the required materials and brings them to the rooms and “assembles” the room for the next guest. The process is organized in the style of a project layout. Since the rooms is in a fixed location and all the work required in the room needs to be done in one location this would logically fit into project layout organizational scheme. The project flow is simple in this example. Unlike a manufacturing plant the steps to “manufacture” a clean rooms are goes as follows. A housekeeper Cleans the room, the linens and towels are washed, the housekeeper restocks the carts and the process repeats itself, as seen in figure 1.
Figure 1

The restaurant is the service and the approach for the restaurant is the personal-attention approach. The customer is there for the experience. The service, atmosphere and the food is all part of...

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