Executive Summary

Executive Summary

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Table of Contents

1.0 EXECUTIVE Summary 3

2.0 Hiring Plan 3

3.0 Training Program 5

4.0 Employee Appraisal/Evaluation 6

5.0 Incentive Compensation 7

6.0 Career Development 7

7.0 Compensation Plan 8

1.0 EXECUTIVE Summary

I am pleased to provide the following proposal to the executive management of InterClean, Inc. I believe that our world class cleaning solutions and exceptional customer’s service will offer existing customers and new customers the best-value solution. To continue to be competitive, InterClean has decided to merge with EnviroTech. This will allow us to be responsive to the emerging needs of our existing customers and new customers by providing world class cleaning solutions and customer service. Our new company strategy is to provide new solutions and world class customer service while becoming a successful company in this industry.

A key to our success will be our employees’ ability to engage directly with facilities managers, health care professionals, and operational executives in their customers’ organizations. We will augment and develop the sales team with a customer focus aligned to our new corporate strategy. To do this successfully we will address weakness in the existing human resource policies, implementing a new employee and team appraisal evaluation process, a new career development plan, and new compensation plan. Training and career development are essential the maximizing the future success of InterClean’s sales force. By turning weakness into strengths, we will make InterClean the industry leader.

2.0 Hiring Plan

The new business strategy for the merged company is to provide a full spectrum of cleaning supplies and services that will become our major source of revenues. In order to succeed with this strategy, it is important to increase the size of our sales force. I recommend that InterClean hire five additional sales people. You will find the job qualifications and...

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