Exercise 1

Exercise 1

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Gore is a unique organisation in terms of structure and control. This has been in place for nearly 50 years. The founders of the organisation had a vision for the structure that would contain fewer rules, which encouraged the strength and expertise from colleagues.

The organisation is multi national and regularly appears in the top list of organisations. With the growth of the organisation the culture has been maintained and nurtured. Leaders appear naturally, with very few formal managers.

The beliefs of Gore are well studied and documented but few organisations have attempted to introduce their philosophies. Organisations are reducing their hierarchical structures, but they are also reducing employee numbers.

For the purpose of this paper the name W.L. Gore & associates has been abbreviated to Gore.
3.0 Case Study

This section will discus the case study and compares this to the traditional model of organisational practices.
3.1 Foundations

Most organisations (even the very large) have their foundations in one or two individuals who had the determination to turn a vision into reality. These founders are said to possess entrepreneurship. These leaders are embedded in the culture of organisations. These organisations have primarily developed around the ideas of entrepreneurial individuals, for example the development of Virgin around Richard Branson, Dyson around James Dyson Microsoft around Bill Gates. The growth of successful small enterprises into medium-sized firms and beyond presents a multitude of managerial and organisational challenges for these entrepreneurs (Cunningham, I. 2002).

The founders of Gore are both entrepreneurial and transformational in their vision; this is reflected in the structure and culture of the organisation. Although a relatively new concept of charismatic leadership this is an accurate model of their style. This is based on the belief that the leader can broaden the awareness and interest of his/her followers....

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