Existence of God Summary

Existence of God Summary

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In order to prove the existence of God, philosophers provided the following arguments and there is the weakness of these following arguments.

The first one is Ontological argument. The ontological argument is based on arguments about a "being greater than which cannot be conceived". This argument is formulated by. St. Anselm of Canterbury and Alvin Plantinga and improved by Aquinas to show that if it is logically possible for God to exist, then God exists. There is a perfect being which possesses all properties, this is God, so far we cannot meet any perfect bodies but ones has both pros and cos. However, the drawback point of it is that it is hard to define or imagine a thing into existence. We still cannot know all properties would existence

Secondly, they suppose the Causal argument. The causal argument bases on the nature is that everything must have a cause. It is impossible to continue backwards to infinity with causes, therefore there must have been a first cause which was not conditioned by any other cause. That cause must be God. However, If God is the first cause, what is the cause of the appearance of God. This is self contradiction

In addition, the argument that is related to design issues is also one important argument to prove the existence of God. We know that animals, plants and planets have proves of being designed for specific ends, therefore there must have been a designer. The anthropic argument suggests that the existence of God which is the best explanation for the appearance of basic things. However, when the level of natural science becomes more advanced, there are more significant findings in every major such as Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology that reduce the believe in the design power of God. The principles of self-organization and evolution provide explanations for apparent design under the effect of surrounding environment.

Besides, there is experiential argument which is from the experience of people. A very large...

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