exp 105 final

exp 105 final

Running head: A Look 1

ENG 121 English Composition 1

April 3, 2014

Running head: A Look 2
This is a story about a young man who had it all, the money, the car, the looks, a successful career, a fiancé that he loved dearly, a loving family, tight friends, and a good head on his shoulders. Until one day he lost his way. This story is about me. It’s about how I was on top of the world at the young age of 23, got sucked into the life of drugs and crime, and overcame everything to be here now, telling this story. I’m going to start by how it all happened. Then, take you into the dark corners in the world that show you what drugs can do to you, and the people around you. Finally, I’m going to show you how nothing is impossible. This is a true story, an underdog story.
Everything was going great in my life. I was a very happy 23-year-old boy that was living the dream. I think back to these times it always leads me to the same question “where did I go wrong?” I was in love. For me, that was all I ever really wanted in life. I partied in high school but I wanted to settle down at a young age. My fiancé and me were together for four year, and were very happy. We lived together, but we worked opposite shifts, so we didn’t get to spend much time together. I cherished every second we had got to spend together; I never would take her for granted. I was 100% sure that she was my soul mate, the one I wanted standing next to me for the rest of my life. Imagine my heartache when I got the news that she had been cheating on me, for a long time, and with a lot of different guys. My heart broke into a million pieces. I almost refused to believe it because I loved her so much, but even she didn’t deny it. I had to...

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