Exp 105 Week 3 Discussion 2

Exp 105 Week 3 Discussion 2

Makayla, Being first in sequence, I would suggest that she would just focus more on what she is doing and that her being stuck on questions and that if she doesn’t understand it put a mark by it and come back to it later. It’s all in the way you approach what your doing, I have the same trouble when I get stuck on a question and my test anxiety gets to me but I take a deep breathe and make sure that I am approaching it with a good attitude and not so stressed about it.

John's emphasis is more on precision which causes him to be in unnecessary depth. I suggest he produce and express his ideas in some order so that he does not bore or confuse his reader. FYI: not everyone knows what you know. Keep it simple, straight to the point. Your audience is key to this type of message. Try to use confluence to come up with your ideas. To make your message more clear, you could use your Technical Reasoning skills to filter all non-essential things out. You also might try using your Sequence to figure out which part of your longer message. This is crucial to keeping your message clear and informative.

Paul learns by Technical Reasoning. I would tell Paul to use his learning pattern to dig deeper into information that he already knows. He also should take more effort in making a clear case. He then will be able to use this clarity to complete tasks from beginning to end. This will help him to include everything he needs to follow to the requirements for his papers.

To put effort in doing more research on his assignments, Raheem needs to use more of his sequence and precision patterns, and to take lots of notes. Try and not to take so many risks and dismissing certain information that he may be reading or thinking it may be useless. I would encourage him to think more outside of the box, to reread all information that is in front of him. To rewrite each essay over until it is perfect. I think if he would take the time to making a...

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