Expected to register a favourable growth of global electrical steel market in 2015 – 2025 by FMI

Expected to register a favourable growth of global electrical steel market in 2015 – 2025 by FMI

Global Electrical Steel
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Using natural resources efficiently, is a major priority. It also applies once it comes to
transferring electrical energy where electric motors convert electricity into generators or
motion to turn indication into electricity. Electrical steel, also known as transformer steel or
silicon electrical steel is a specialty steel tailored to produce assured magnetic properties
such as low core loss along with high permeability. It has specific proportion of silicon that
is responsible for its unique properties. Electrical steel material is generally manufactured
in the form of cold-rolled strips (less than 2mm thick), these strips are called lamination
(finished shape) when stacked together to form a core. Once gathered, they form the
laminated cores of transformers and rotor parts of electric motors.
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Looking ahead, electrical steel is considered as one of the most valuable magnetic
materials available today. Of all the soft magnetic core materials, electrical steel is used
more. It is ideal for high efficiency transformers, generators, motors, small transformers
and ballasts. Besides, increasing demand from the power sector, is escalating the growth in
the global electrical steel market. The global electrical steel is predicted to expand at an
encouraging CAGR during the forecast period (2015-2025).
Electrical Steel Market: Drivers & Restraints
Electrical steel plays a very vital role in the transmission, distribution, generation and use of
power as their high magnetic permeability and low iron core losses are forged on the
molecular level. Energy conservation is the new trend in the global...

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