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Important Experience

Everybody has important experience in their life’s that helped them grow. Have you ever built something? In my life, my important experience is I built a cistern last year,because it made me growing up.

Last year, I joined a volunteer activity with my classmates. We went to the countryside to help their people build cistern. This was difficult for us, because we never tried to do it,and I learned something form this experience. I understand assume responsibility. In my memory we had two groups, and my group was responsible to contact cement supplier. But we did not notice supplier at least one day in advance, because we didn’t have cement, lead to we can not began today’s mission. I am a team leader I felt so guilty, then I led my team went to nearest market to got cement, and I apologized for all volunteers. That gave a lesson learns to responsibility. On the other hand, whether I met any difficult, I must insisted finishing my duty. I still remembered that countryside environment so terrible, because our house’s sanitation so bad that led to many girls both allergy and included me. Then the cistern in hillside, so when we should used carrying stone to bond coat, we needs waste energy, and we felt so tired and my hands are injured, but I still held on finished mission. That event exercised my willpower and I can’t give up.

Maybe this experiences in other people’s opinion this event so simple, but that made me learn about responsibility and insistence. Witch is most valuable treasure in my life, and I can’t forget this experience.

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