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Nikki Rose M. Vasquez / Honey Leth H. Vergara November 09, 2013 BSP – 3A Ms. Fernando

Experiment No. 1
Introduction to Experimentation

To familiarize the students with some of the logic of research.
Vast amounts of information are taken in by individuals each day. With these, it is important that people understand how to interpret these data. These data can be explained and understand through research. Knowledge of research methods is of great importance in conducting an experiment.
With experimentation, a test prediction called a hypothesis can be made to find out whether particular behavioural events will occur under specific circumstances or situations. (Myers and Hansen, 2010)
In an experiment, Manipulation of independent variable is involved which then allows the control of extraneous variable affecting the results. To do an experiment, the predictions made should be testable. There should be procedures in terms of manipulating the variable and the predicted outcome should also be observable. Also, it should be objective. (McBride, 2013)
The greatest value of an experiment, according to Myers and Hansen (2010), is that within the experiment, a cause and effect relationship can be derived between the particular conditions and the behaviour of the subject. And that, a successful experimentation will always rely heavenly on the principle of control.
Pen and Paper, Timer.
The Experimenter (E) instructs the subject (S) to write the alphabet backward (from Z to A) as rapidly as possible. There will be 5 trials of 30 seconds each a one-minute test between trials. After the first trials, Subjects are to report orally the number of letters written and to estimate the number expected in second trial. After the second, third and fourth trials, Subject report the number estimated, the number achieved and the number estimated for the next trial. After the fifth trial only, the...

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