Explain How a Follower of Natural Law Might Approach the Issue of Abortion?

Explain How a Follower of Natural Law Might Approach the Issue of Abortion?

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Explain how a follower of natural law might approach the issue of abortion?

Natural Law, as outlined and enforced by Thomas Aquinas, says that every living thing has a purpose. This is linked with Aristotle's idea that everyone has a specific purpose, and the Primary Precepts can help you to achieve your purpose. Therefore we are able to make decisions in which will allow us to achieve ultimate happiness. Therefore Aristotle set the ideas of natural law in motion and Thomas Aquinas put forward guidelines in order to help us understand what he saw as God’s natural purpose for us.

Natural law followers are able to use two Primary precepts; the first one they are able to use is the precept of Preservation which states that we should treat life with utter most respect and we should do what ever we can to save life and the second in that the precept of reproduction, which states that everyone has the right to pro create. Although natural law does a give a very clear thought about abortion it does not take account the after effect of a abortion, so in a away by trying to protect life natural law completely disregards a live human being preference. Natural law does not look at the people involved in the decision about abortion or the consequences that are to follow as because of the action but instead natural law focuses on the act in itself.

The precept of preservation of life can be used, as because it is one of the precepts of Natural law therefore people who are followers of natural law are able to use this precept to approach abortion. Natural law is an absolutist approach and it sets out what we should do, just as if it were a path we had to follow and we are not able to stray away as because that would be going against the law because we are not following the path that was set out for us. So therefore with using the preservation of a life as an approach we are able to figure out that natural law would completely disagree with the act of abortion, this...

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