Exploratory paper

Exploratory paper

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Unit 7. Assignment 1: Maximum and Minimum Values of Quadratic Functions
Learning Objectives and Outcomes
Find the minimum and maximum of a quadratic function from its graph or from its equation.
Find the intercepts of a polynomial function.
Find the zeros of a polynomial functions.

Assignment Requirements
Do Problems 58 (p. 325) and 70 (p. 326) from your textbook.

Required Resources
Notes from class

Recommended Resource
Test Prep Video CD: Chapter 3, Question 4

Submission Requirements
Submit your written answers to you your instructor at the beginning of Week 8. Show your work according to your teacher’s specifications.

Question A: What is the claim? Is it explicitly stated, or did you have to infer it? Part 1: What is the Claim? The author refers to farming as a minority lifestyle, and believes that it isoverrepresented in early childhood education. In short, we live in an advanced society, thus childrenshould no longer be educated on the inner workings of farm life. Part 2: Is it explicitly stated, or did you have to infer it? No, I did not have to read between the linesdiscover the claim of the essay. The author was clear about the claim she made. Question B: What are some examples of support? The author uses a single episode of the televisionshow “Blue’s Room” to support the claim. There was no other outside source to back up theauthor’s claim. Question C: What are the author’s warrants? Does the author supply backing for the warrants? Ifyes, how? Part 1: What are the author’s warrants? The author believes that educating children about farm lifeis a waste of time. She goes on to state that children would be better off educated on A.T.M.’s andring tones. She then refers to a portion of the “Blue’s Room” farming episode as “shocking” inwhich a puppet demonstrates how to milk a cow. Part 2: Does the author supply backing for the warrants? No, she does not. The essay is filled withher...

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