Export and Import

Export and Import

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Introduction of the Study

1. CHAPTER 1: Introduction of the Study

1. Background
Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program consists of integrated theoretical and practical method of teaching. In fact practical orientation with day-to-day activities of an organization is one of the most important requirements of MBA program. To fulfill this purpose I was sent to Shahjalal Islami Bank limited (SJIBL), Foreign Exchange Branch as an intern in this regard under the supervision of two supervisors one is internal from the institute and another is from the organization for three months. The paper will deal with the “Policies and Procedures of Foreign Trade in Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited”. On the basis of working experience for this period I have prepared this report and I have tried my best to relate the theoretical knowledge with the practical work situation.

2. Objective of the Study
The primary objective of this report is to get acquainted with the banking business operation of Islamic Bank. The specific objectives of the report are:

✓ To fulfill the requirement for the completion of M.B.A program.
✓ To study various desk works of the Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited.
✓ To know about the Foreign Exchange system.
✓ To acquire an in depth understanding of the functions of each department.
✓ Coordinating the functions of various departments.
✓ To get the real life exposure in the Banking sector.

3. Scope of the study
The focus of the report will be on Foreign Exchange functional areas of Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited. I was assigned to Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited by the authority and found the following boundary of my study there:
✓ Account opening department
✓ Cash department
✓ Export and import department
✓ Investment department
4. Methodology of the Study:
To meet the objectives of the study I realized...

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