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• In our opinion to make this process goes faster and smoother it would be more comfortable to the customers if the application form could be submitted through the internet. It would save more time on the customer, since there are only five showrooms in the country to go to in order to fill the application and buy the line, which could be an obstacle to some of the clients who might not have the enough time to go to the showrooms.

• It would more accommodating if there was all the right people to complete this process; the customer or the company’s representative could go to the showroom, choose the right package and at the showroom there would be the IT officer who is responsible for updating the database and the fulfillment officer would be contacted to active the lines. Instead of contacting the IT officer and the Fulfillment officers at different time.
• Another to improve this process could be taken into consideration which is to teach the showrooms agents how to update the company’s database whenever a new line is bought or a customer’s data is updated.

XPress Telecommunications, established in 2004, is the first telecom company to provide a full set of mobile features alongside its innovative Push-To-Talk (walkie-talkie) services in one handset.

Being the sole operator in Jordan to provide mobile and wireless services along with GPRS through single handset, XPress Telecommunications occupies the leading position in the mobile Telecommunications market for the corporate and public sectors.

XPress constantly works to strengthen its services and products by providing superior levels of service to its customers in the local market. It has gained the trust and satisfaction of all its subscribers and customers through its specialized staff at the customer service unit, whom are capable to meet the requests of the customers and to provide appropriate solutions at all times.

XPress also owns an extensive network of showrooms and agents...

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