Expression of Love

Expression of Love

My love,

Its only been a day, yet it seems like forever… Emptiness has found its way into my heart and soul. I keep telling myself February but it just seems like a lifetime away. I want no, need you so bad. You really are my other half. I’ve never in my short (to you old) life felt like this. I know that we are forever, but I want forever now… This is one of those times that test us and I know that we’ll make it through. You really have my heart my sweet, sweet love. I can’t stop thinking, no feeling you. When people engage in a conversation with me I’m not all there, all I can think about is you… us. I don’t want you to ever worry about me… aka your dreams about us… I’m not going anywhere, I am forever. You are my morning sun, you ARE my rising moon. I know I seem like I have a hard shell, but you have found your way through me and know how to soften my soul.

A quote: My leader took me up at once and did,
As would a mother awakened by a noise
Who sees the flames around her, and takes her child,

Concerned for him more than herself, and flies
Not staying even to put on a shift:
Supine she gave himself to the rocky place

Where the hard bank slopes downward to the cleft,
Forming one side of the adjacent pouch.
No water coursing a sluice was ever as swift

To turn a landmill’s wheel on its approach
Toward the vanes, as my master when he passed
On down that bank that slanted to the ditch,

Hurtling along with me upon your breast
Not like your child, but like your companion…
(Dante’s Inferno) (with slight change ;)

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