External Opportunities and Threats

External Opportunities and Threats

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External Opportunities and Threats

1. Long-term demographics are favorable for the industry as the target market of consumers age 50 and older is expected to substantially increase over the next few years due to the aging of the baby boomers market.
2. The age at which the motor home consumer is purchasing motor homes has broadened. More motor home buyers are entering the market earlier than in the past, as young as 35, and living active and healthier lives with more buyers remaining in the RV lifestyle over the age of 75. Cutting costs is probably substantial and a significant factor here.
3. Owners are now using their motor homes for more than just traditional camping, having a positive impact on long-term market growth. It is used as a fun, adventurous journey.

1. Competition
2. Seasonality
3. Fuel availability and prices
4. Economic conditions
5. Dependence on suppliers
6. Potential liabilities under repurchase agreements
7. Warranty claims
Ethical Dilemmas in the Everyday Workplace
Ethics Resource Center 1994
Frank J. Navran

In every business decision we have to choose between alternatives. Sometimes the choice is clear; there is a right answer and a wrong answer. In many of these cases the choice is made difficult by what we call an ethical dilemma, where no matter which alternative we select, we will be subordinating one or more of our values.

There is nothing new here. We started managing ethical dilemmas as children. A child receives a gift and has to write a thank you note to a distant relative. Suppose the gift was a perfectly awful shirt or blouse. The ethical dilemma is to tell a lie ("Thank you Aunt Martha. I love the shirt.") or hurt a loved one's feelings. Either choice has us violating a basic value.

Executives, managers, supervisors and employees routinely face ethical dilemmas. How they manage those dilemmas can have a significant impact on the success of the organization.

Consider these...

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