Extraversion - Essay

Extraversion - Essay

Extraversion is a person that enjoys being extremely social and outgoing. Extraversion can also have a strong strength of being able to show empathy for others. The description I can most relate to is Talkative-Quiet. I have no idea why, but I LOVE to talk. For example, I can be in a waiting room that is totally silent; once I have been there a bit, I have several, if not all conversing with one another and smiling. I enjoy seeing people smiling and feeling at ease.

Believe it or not, Neuroticism envelops me. I can relate to each of the descriptions very well. Since I need to choose, Worrying-Calm is highest on the list. I have to work very hard not to worry, thank goodness for cell phones. I can become a basket case if my husband is not home from work within a certain time frame; not because I am worried he is cheating, but he has broken down on the road, or worse as in a wreck.

Openness to Experience is more of a carefree trait. I fall into the Curious-Incurious category on this one. I believe I am curious because I enjoy learning about someone, or something. I like to understand and basically just be a nosey person I guess. I also believe I can learn from positive or negative errors from others choices.

Agreeableness is the ability to cooperative and work as an individual or team. I am the Good natured-Irritable description. I can be having a happy day but if I find out or suspect someone close to me has lied, I can become easily irritated.

Conscientiousness is someone who shows loyalty, dedication, to people or things that occur in everyday life. A person plans his, or her, work and then works his, or her, plan. I relate mostly to Well-Organized-Disorganized category. I practice that everything has a place, so put it back where you got it. Being organized can help alleviate undue stress and “discussions”.

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