Facing Sin

Facing Sin

Advanced Composition

AB PSYCHOLGY 21009, TF 9:00AM-10:30AM


Life is full of happiness and unwanted events, and being a teenager is no different in escaping the bare fruits of reality. Whenever I wake up in the morning, eat my daily chores of breakfast, and finally travel down the road, I can’t help but to see realm of my childhood days in the windows. As I am gazing the heat of heavy traffic in Taft Avenue wondering what will happened next because I’ll be late in the class, I used to scope down to see the happy boys and girls holding hands, chatting about what they are going to eat during lunch, and they did little quarrel moments about who will be the fastest runners between them. I was fond of listening about their little voices and childish ways of making one laugh on each another then suddenly when the bus comes to move on, the girl bumped her head on the front seat then cried. How sweet of the little boy to comfort the girl in simple ways and making her at ease and brings smile on the situation. When I was about to take my steps out of the bus, there was a momentarily automatic turning of my eyes to look on those angel smiles again, then a minute or two, I found myself captivated in the tunnel of my childhood moments.

I remembered when I was younger, I was very lucky to be condemned as one of the disciples of Satan because of my renowned naughty acts and deeds. I used to recalled the moment when my uncle used to give us boxes of chocolates and my cousin who was about 5 years older than me received the most flavor some and my favorites were all inside his boxes- that I was enraged by extreme jealousy. That moment of in turn where my uncle attended to examine my grandpa’s condition, I found this nosy like instrument with elephant like thingy in the end and like an antelopes antenna that when you insert it inside your ears and directs it into someone’s body you can hear his...

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