Facing Tough Economic Issues

Facing Tough Economic Issues

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Gap Analysis: Global Communications
University of Phoenix

Gap Analysis: Global Communications
The telecommunication industry is filled with fierce competition and unlimited potential. Global Communications is a typical organization within the telecommunication industry. They have been experiencing economic downtrends and waning consumer confidence that requires change. This paper will address a Gap Analysis for Global Communications and suggest ways to an effective solution to the problems.
Situation Analysis
Issue and Opportunity Identification
Global Communications (GC) is facing tough economic issues. Consumer confidence in the telecommunications industry is waning and stock holders are complaining about the loss of revenue on the stocks. There is speculation that the telecommunications industry can not turn things around. The price of stocks is dropping and the booming upward trends of the 1990’s has hit bottom. “The Nasdaq, once reported about 6,000 firms and a cumulative total of more than $100 billion in venture capitol, now reports a collapse and the stock portfolio values plummeted causing many companies to cease to operate.” (Pluckett, 2008 pg 2) The conditions that have precipitated the crash include too many companies vying for the same market of local, long-distance and international calling markets. Competition is fierce. Companies have used new features and packages of features to attract customers but a new competitor has entered the arena. Cable television companies have begun to offer plain old telephone service.
In an effort to regain a competitive edge, Global Communications has recruited some new blood into the senior leadership team. The new leadership team has put together an approach that is two pronged. They want to achieve growth and plan to do so through the use of new services for the small business customer and the average consumer. GC has arranged alliances with a...

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