Factor Condusive to Social Integration and Coexitence

Factor Condusive to Social Integration and Coexitence

The consumption of alcohol has been recognized as a factor conducive to social integration and coexistence. Alcohol is a drug which, by their easy access and its powerful propaganda it receives, has become a real social problem in almost all countries and all ages from adolescence. Alcohol is the drug most widely used by adolescents.

Perhaps many people think that while they do not become alcoholics typical consequences of drinking frequently and in high doses are not so alarming, but the ravages of alcohol can be severe and many of them irreversible. Alcoholism is a chronic, progressive and often fatal, is a primary disorder and not a symptom of other diseases or emotional problems.

Causes of alcohol consumption among young people are several: To feel good

To relax and forget the stress.

To escape.

Because they like the taste of alcoholic beverages.

To be more comfortable in meetings.

To join the group.

To get drunk.

People with a family history of alcoholism are more likely to start drinking before age 19 years and to become alcoholic. But any person who begins drinking in adolescence is at greater risk. Early drinking also increases risk for drug abuse. It is important that young people think and analyze so that they realize they are growing up in a world where alcohol is causing ever more serious. Many young people are also unhappy his life for the purpose of unbridled drinking. On the street you can see many people whose lives have been ruined by his addiction to liquor. The problem is terrible.

It hurts that much alcohol, which can be said that is the worst drug, promotes both the media and to stimulate people to take liquor. It is also unfortunate that every opportunity is used liquor: when is the cornerstone of a building, when he baptized a child, when someone is home even when someone dies.

Young people have to change their attitude and decide that we will never alcoholics. We need to want much to ourselves....

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