Factors Affecting Employee Motivation, Research Report

Factors Affecting Employee Motivation, Research Report

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Research Report on Factors Affecting EmployeeMotivation

Executive Summary

Our research is about the factors that may affect the motivation of employees. Thecompany we selected to do our research was Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN). Weconducted our research in their Human Research department.We went to their office through a reference. The first appointment we got was from Mr.Haris. We interviewed him so as to know about NSN and to seek the problems they arefacing related to employees motivation. In first visit we were not able to find out the problem.The very next day we took another appointment from Ms. Sadia, she is Manager inHuman Resource department. While interviewing her we came to know the problemfaced by their department was Job leveling. She told us that the major problem in themerger of Nokia and Siemens is the placement of all the employees in appropriate positions and departments to maximize the effectiveness of the merger.So from this interview we some what got direction of our research. By further studyingthe factors of employee motivation from different articles, research papers, discussion papers and websites we found factors other then job leveling. The important factor weselected for our research was incentives. From this research we figured out that promotion and salaries are also the part of job leveling so we included these two factorsas well.After selecting the factors or variables and defining the problem statement we constructedthe theoretical frame work so as to define the exact factors that are influencing motivationof employees. Then hypothesis statements were made by relating two variables(dependent and independent). To prove these hypothesis statements we constructedquestionnaire.We got the questionnaire filled by 50 employees of Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN). Wewent to their office and Mr.Haris helped in doing so.

Literature survey

Employee’s motivation is most important aspect in efficient...

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