Factors Affecting Student Performance

Factors Affecting Student Performance

Factors Affecting Academic Performance

For students it is natural to be curious about the factors that influence their performance in school. Many researchers have investigated on this matter such the studies of Sum and Fogg (1991) investigating on family income and Zappal, G. and B. Parker (2000), and the studies of Chowdharry and Jayasmita and Susanne carter (2002) investigating on family relation, being an important element in the students’ academic life. Some say more on financial factors, while others indicated emotional and social factors. It is a fact that there are indeed factors that can influence students’ performance, but performance should rest upon themselves. They, who can have full contribution of their performance in school, it is their eagerness to succeed that should drive them to their goal. However, it is still necessary to explore what factors can possibly affect school performance in order to chart proper measure to cope with. In this research paper we will seek to review a problems related to academic performance, a number of studies investigating on the factors affecting student performance. In particular, we focus on several studies which show that family income and family relation influence students’ academic performance.

To begin with, it is a good point to define academic performance. According to Cappenberg (2004) academic performance is the outcome of education. It is the extent to which a student has achieves his or her educational goals. In the words of Bailur (2006) academic performance refers to the level of school accomplishment or success in school. He stated further that it is the core of educational growth. Based on this definition, it would appear that academic performance in its simplest form means the condition in which student.

As stated that academic performance is the condition in which the student define so, it is good to know the factors influence student performance such as family income is one of the...

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