Factors That Impact Individual Behavior

Factors That Impact Individual Behavior

There are several factors that impact individual behavior. Which types have a larger impact are as diverse as the organizations that we work for. Our leaders must be able to control and apply direction to the employees and management. In order for any business to be successful, a company must identify and respond to Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation, Personality Traits and Gender. These four traits and many others, all impact how we, as individuals, react to situations that are presented to us everyday.


Some people feel the moral and ethical fiber of our society is rapidly deteriorating. Others see both positive signs and disturbing signs, but feel optimistic. While there is room for a difference of opinion on this issue, most people agree on the importance of maintaining a high ethical standard in a society that is to survive and prosper. Some would argue that it is even more important to maintain a high ethical standard in a work-related environment. Ethnicity is a social construction that indicates identification with a particular group, which is often descended from common ancestors. Members of the group share common cultural traits (such as language, religion, and dress) and are an identifiable minority within the larger nation-state. It is a sense of being different from other groups because of cultural tradition, ancestry, national origin, history, or religion.
But while categorizing race and ethnicity becomes more detailed and exact, the meaning of these distinctions is becoming less certain. The impact on an individual’s behavior depends on the individuals involved. Interdependence influences the way(s) in which individuals make choices. Individual tensions can act in many different ways depending on the social affinity between the different economic classes and their prospect of upward or downward mobility. Social interactions and peer effects can be an important determinant of an individual's outcome.


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