Facts, Inference and Judgement

Facts, Inference and Judgement

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FACT- A Fact will always be some kind of statement which can be verified at any point of time. Meaning there will be some of record stating the fact. it may be a newspaper record, a visual record, anything. just remember that it is a statement which can be verified anytime and it cannot be refuted, coz u have proof of it

INFERENCE- Inferences will ideally contain 2 parts: The first part will be a fact (something similar to the fact above, easy to identify). The 2nd part will be an inference drawn on the basis of the fact stated in the 1st part. Another hint is that since the 2nd part is an inference drawn, many a times it will be in the future tense. So if you find a sentence having a structure as described, it will be an inference (However, i find these the toughest to spot. So just take care)

JUDGEMENT- These by far are the easiest. A judgement is a particular individual's opinion. it is how he or she feels about the event mentioned. Each of us can have individual views, and hence any sentence which can be validly argued is a judgement. The difference between a fact and a judgement is that a fact is irrefutable, while a judgement is not. Further, a judgement, most of the times is characterized by strong words (e.g. "should") which clearly shows the author's personal opinion. These as I said are the easiest to spot

Well, so this is it about FIJ. My strategy is out of 4 i will try to find the judgement sentence 1st, and based on that I will start eliminating options. Then I try to find a fact and eliminate more options. In this way, as far as possible, I try to deduce the answer ONLY by identifying the F and the J. This worked this time. hope it does in future too....

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