Fahrenheit 451 - Character Representation

Fahrenheit 451 - Character Representation

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Every character used in the novel Fahrenheit 451, written by Ray Bradbury, had a purpose in the story. Some represented larger ideas than others. However, their role as characters played a critical part in the development f the story. For instance, Bradbury portrays Beatty as a compelling character through the use of symbolism and characterization.

Bradbury reveals Beatty’s compelling side by using him to represent a higher body of power (a government). Since Beatty was the fire captain, it was his job to know what he and the others were burning; giving him the power to control others easily since they wouldn’t know any better. He wanted things to stay that way. Therefore, he kept an eye on everyone so that no one would be able to take a higher stand. In this case he was worried about Montag. Naturally what he tried to do was ‘terminating’ Montag and stops him from increasing his knowledge that gave him a higher chance to overthrow Beatty. Normally, that’s what happens with any government that is trying to control the people. If anyone attempts to overthrow someone that’s within the governmental body, then they (the government) will find a way to stop them. Bradbury is transmitting the idea that the government is corrupt and wants complete power over the people through Beatty’s character.

Through the use of characterization, Beatty’s compelling side is revealed. In the beginning of the novel, Beatty is seen as the typical fireman, however, as the novel progresses, the reader sees that Beatty’s character evolves after that, then he becomes too suspicious for Montag. He was suspicious enough that it affected Montag’s character. In the end of the novel Beatty finally reveals that he is cleverer than what anyone thought, he isn’t what he appears to be. In other words, he reveals his true character and intentions; how he’s been hinting Montag that he knew that he was hiding books. Those actions just show how compelling Beatty...

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