fair value

fair value

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´╗┐Discussion 3
The directors of a property company are looking at whether they should construct a new office building in Subang Jaya SS15. The economy is doing well, and the amount of vacant office space is reducing sharply. As part of their decision they decide to use the 6 Thinking Hats technique during a planning meeting.

White Hat
Subang Jaya SS15, no empty space for construct a new office building. Rent an office with large space might be a better decision because:
Construction a new office building, it cannot solve the problem of the amount of vacant office space is reducing sharply immediately due to construction take time.
During economy performed well, the company should able to get better rental deals since the competitiveness in the region increased.
The company should be expanding the business investment rather than construct a new office building because it will restrict company's cash flow to limit the business expanding. Although the company can get low interest for the loan during the period.
So that, switch to another office with larger space may be a better alternative deals for the company and the capital of company will not be tied-up comparing to construct a new office business.

Red Hat
There are bad decision to build a new office building in Subang Jaya SS 15, since in SS15 area traffic is always congested due to there have two college and international school, many food shop, and KTM and near Highway. But it also can bring to us some benefits, such as we can using LED screen LED to do our project advertisement and promotion, because there populous.
If decided to build a new office building in SS15 Subang Jaya, company should provide some welfare to employee and customer, such as provide cheap and comfortable room to employees stay or build a building included car park for our employee and customer convenience. Because in ss15 parking is very insufficient, find a parking need waste 15min to 45min or above.

Black Hat...

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