Fairy Tale: Chracter Analysis

Fairy Tale: Chracter Analysis

Brandon Lam Period 4

The Frog And The Princess

The Frog and The Princess takes place in a far away kingdom. The princess lost her favorite toy in a pong and wants the frog to retrieve as long as The Princess promises to love the frog. After the frog retrieves it The Princess is grateful for its help but is scared and displeased by the frogs ugly appearance and runs away. The Princess’s reaction of the frog is first joyful, but when the frog starts to follow The Princess she becomes very unfriendly to it.

The Princess is first described as a very gracious individual. She was “The youngest…so beautiful that the sun itself was astonished.” (1) After running away the frog starts begging for her love but The Princess becomes very hostile and starts being rude and violent to the frog. She scolds at the frog. “Be quiet, you odious frog.” (3). She is infuriated with the frog and is too irritated to talk to the frog.

After enraged by the frog, the Princess starts becoming aggressive. “She was terribly angry, and took him up and threw him with all her might against the wall.” (3). At that moment the frog transformed. “When he fell down he was no frog but a king’s son with kind and beautiful eyes.” (3). The frog was actually a prince who had a spell on him, until he met a princess. The Princess’s emotions changed from an enraged condition to a blissful condition.

The Princess’s feelings alter many times throughout the fairy tale. She becomes indebted to the frog for helping her retrieve her toy, but when she is followed she begins to find the frog an annoyance. She judges the frog by its appearance and does not learn who the frog truly is and mistreats him in the process. A lesson that was The Princess may have learned is not to judge a book by its cover, but to learn who they truly are before judging it.

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