Fallacies - Essay

Fallacies - Essay

Ethos- Credibility
Pathos- Emotion
Logos- Logic
Exigence- Making it immediate to the audience

* Titles As Signals
Writing should have a point
* Claims “4 types
Fact or definition: what the definition of something is or whether something is a settled fact
Cause and effect: claims argue that one person thing or event caused another thing or event to occur
About value: claims made about what something is worth whether we value it or not, how we would rate or categorize something.
Solutions or policies: claims that argue for or against a certain solution and policy approach to a problem ”debatable”

Summary: involve putting the main idea into your own words
Why: provide support, refer to work, give examples, call attention, highlight, distance yourself and expand the breadth

Believing Game- Your belief on an issue, and play devil’s advocate.

Data: sentence supporting claim usually triggered by because..
-Warrant: what connects or bridges the data to the reason. “Necessary Assumption”

Logical Fallacies: Defects In Reasoning
Composition And Rhetoric
Emotional Language
Appeal to pity- takes place when a arguer tries to get people to accpt a conclusion by making them feel sorry for someone “ Careful documented reasons evidence, and facts, aperson appeals to our sence of pity , compassion, and brotherly love.
Ad populum- the arguer takes advantage of the desire most people have to be liked and to fit “popular opinion”
Ad hominem- the fallacy focuses our attention on people rather than on arguments or evidence.
Appeal to Ignorance- the arguer basically says “look, thers no conclusive evidence on issue at hand.
Appeal to Authority- Attacks person’s credibility- does the opposite.
Appeal to tradition- Respected but not idiolized
Red herring – Topic A-Topic be -_- Topic A- Topic A abandoned
Straw man- arguer sets up a wimpy version
Confusion and Incorrect Inference
Circular Reasoning...

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