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Mina Wadeaa


Falsification and scientists

The scientific thinking was developed many years ago. Scientific thinking is known that it is the method by which you can acquire justified knowledge about any thing in the world. Aristotle was considered the first scientist as he used empirical evidence to prove his opinions and he also used Mathematics.

Before Aristotle, a person called Thales made a big change in the way of thinking. People before Thales were explaining every thing in nature by saying that gods made this a long time ago. Thales was the first one who began to use natural explanations for every thing. Then, the scientific method was developed after Thales and Aristotle.

Scientists don’t stop at explaining things, giving explanations and forming hypothesis, but they began to make test in order to make sure if their hypothesis is right or wrong. Then, Newton put another form of the scientific method. He said that the good hypothesis is the one by which you can predict what will happen then you test and if your predictions are right, your hypothesis will also be right.

Karl proper mentioned that it is not enough to prove things right because any thing can be proved right, but you have to test your hypothesis in the other way by trying to prove it wrong. The way Newton explained the scientific method is not enough. For example, I can form a hypothesis and say that the rain is caused by dancing and say that when I dance in a particular way, the rain will fall. All I have to do in order to prove my hypothesis to be right is to wait until a proper time in which I know that the rain will fall and start to dance. It is not enough to make a prediction and test it because what you predict may occur because of another reason. According to Carl, you have to falsify your hypothesis by making a lot of tests and trying to find contradicting hypothesis.

According to popper’s...

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