Family and Identity

Family and Identity

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The family concepts and teachings are fundamental for a personality

formation. Human behavior is based the most on moral and ethical principles.

Even though it suffers external influences, a high percentage of the formed

character is acquired from the familiar doctrine. Human being deals with

changes during whole life, but it still preserves its origins. Family is one of

the main tools for the structure of personality. It must guarantee the provisions

to the children; so they, in adult age, can exert productive activities for the

society. Parents must educate them and they will have a compatible moral

and values with the culture where they live. It is proven scientifically that family

can interfere with the process of child's personality formation, giving chances

to her living in an environment where she feels she is loved, respected and

stimulated to develop her potential.

The child is born with part of her personality already formed, bringing

genetic inherited traces that will determine some physical and behavioral ...

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...vely, certain limits and rules to be fulfilled. But they must act

with coherency, because personality is the result of certain formed and fixed

characteristics, that determine the way as the individual interacts with the

environment. The importance of the family and its structure goes through this

way. If well-defined it gives condition to children to have a good psychological

and social formation. Family has the components as norms, values and rules

that are the support that gives to the person a healthful identity.

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