family planning

family planning

Social studies

A) What is family planning mean?
Ans:It means to control the number of children you have and the time between their births.

B) Give 2 reasons for family planning.
Ans: Two reasons for family planning are that they want children and sometimes some of the children are not planned.

2) State 1 natural method of birth control.
Ans: One natural method for birth control is rhythm method.
3) Describe the natural method given above.
Ans: this method is when the lady is between her periods she is more likely to get pregnant so you wait until her period is done.

4) Is that method effective in birth control.
Ans: Yes, this method is effective because there is likely a 30% chance for the lady to get pregnant because you would know when to have sex and when to not.

5) List 4 artificial methods family planning.
Ans: Four are condoms, pills, barriers and injections.

6)Are these methods reliable?
Ans: condom- no because because when it is to full it can break
Ans: Pills- no because if you taking other pills with these pills these are likely to not do their job.
Ans: barriers-yes because it has in a lot of spericide that kills the sperm.
Ans: injections-yes because it kills the baby if you don’t want it.

7) How effective is abstaining from sex for family planning , define abstaining.
Ans: Abstinence is the practice of refraining from doing something you desire or love.
Ans:it is effective by you not getting pregnant and having a child.

8) Why is family planning important?
Ans: It is important because you might not want any children at your age cause you might me young and might not be able to afford any children and you would want to control a certain amount of children in your family.

b) State which...

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