Famous Thinkers

Famous Thinkers

Contributions to Society
Martin Luther King was a Baptist minister and a social activist who contributed to society for achieving mandatory equal voting rights in America for blacks and whites. He helped to obtain civil right for the African Americans and illegalized discrimination based on skin color in the United States. He demonstrated and proved to the world that nonviolent peaceful actions can be effective and successful.
Mr. Bill Gates is a self made multi-billionaire, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He co-founded Microsoft, a private company for the manufacture and sale of computer software (Oxford 2005). He has donated billions of dollars to charity out of his own generosity. Has donated to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with more than $28.8 billion (as of January 2005) to support philanthropic initiatives in the areas of global health and learning.

Social Environment
Martin Luther King’s social and political environment was made up of cruelty racial tension and inequalities towards African Americans. Being influences by all of this, he resolved to correct the wrong that was necessary. His approach was the non-violent method by settling matters in court.
Bill Gates social and environmental issues calls for capitalism to contribute more effectively. Placing the resolution of social needs as a primary, rather than secondary. Gates has proposed a different relationship between capitalism and the social good.

Problems or Issues
Martin Luther King’s problem was to attempt in solving the issue of cruelty racial tension and inequalities. He was not happy with how African Americans were being treated and discriminated because of different skin color.
Bill Gates problem is creative capitalism where organizations work together to create a system that eases the world’s inequities. Persuading that social responsibilities of science in the development of improvements to the quality of life.

Description of the Solution
Martin Luther King’s...

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