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-X would Ilk. to know Itsy 4.pst haayvsl.s. • A. The oflajnal Capodimonte Fac• iy was established around 1740 I Naples. Italy. They produced


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188 N. Main-St-. (313) 455-56OO~
LairrlOt4Ai. a$ soofta ion ftestllfl $ bq*dSn ranch on large lot. ~ garsgu, I attathsd endos.d porch, 2 dears, I with bos tub, sun room. I.&mt wo so sppreclato $479 500 (15MAR) 313-4554800.





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Town & Country

139 Main Centre 248-349-2900

1 Len decorated with applied • Mg.. In relleE
In 1834 their molds were pursad by the Olnort Co. In DoeI

ed- and soft-paste porcelain

I~l*.GthoflIsilowtH1ledthe ducs.~deusedneWmoldsifld cleta tenit and is IncaS In also revived some either molds. jan. These fi~urn.with a high gloss
undergIaie. were of exceptional quality. Many of the bird and anl mu molds were taken from wood ca~ijs artist Faust Lass by

,slue? A. Roseyllie PotA. Your porcelain 1939 tety Co.. Zenesvllle. panther was made Ohio. Introducsd by Ocbrge Wade A the luchala pattern San Ltd. Burslem. — in 1939. The mold England. The poinumber I. 897: the tezy was Founded in 1810 and Is sluIs9. nowtheWadecroupofibtte!IeS. Roseville Potteiy continues to bloom as a popular collectible. Around 1935 a new line of Your vase would probably be underglazed figures was intro- worthobout$2OOto~5O....

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