Fantasy football outline

Fantasy football outline

Speech Outline Template – Roger Johnson, Instructor

Topic: Fantasy Football

Audience Analysis: Most of the audience has probably heard about this but don’t know what it really it. So the information provided will be a very basic description.

General Purpose: To inform the audience.
Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about Fantasy Football.

Thesis: Fantasy Football is more than a game it’s reality!

I. Have you ever wondered what Fantasy Football really is? How does it work? Why do your husbands, brothers, and friends play it year after year?

In October 2006, 9.6 million people visited fantasy sports websites and 90% of the fantasy sports industry is fantasy footballers.

This just goes to show how popular fantasy football has become in the last decade.

II. I first played fantasy football back in my sophomore year of high school. I didn’t really know how it worked or what it even was but after that first year I have been hooked since. This year I am in two fantasy football leagues, one with my friends and one with my family. I’m stoked!

I. How does fantasy football work? How do you play? What are the rules?
A. Fantasy football is actually really simple and most of the time free! There are only a few steps to get started.

1. Sign up and create a team name. (,,

2. Draft a team (offensive players) from real NFL players. It could be a live online, auto pick, or auction draft.

3. You’re ready to play, manage your players throughout the year and hopefully they perform well!

B. How do you score and win? Scoring is also very simple.
1.When your NFL player scores a touchdown in real life, you get a touchdown for your team.

Also points are rewarded for a certain amount of rushing, passing, receiving yards gained by your players.

2. Each week you are matched up head to head against another fantasy player. Whoever NFL players do better that week is most...

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