FAntasy Stories w/ Tyler and Jason Feat. Josh

FAntasy Stories w/ Tyler and Jason Feat. Josh

CHAPTER 1: The Bar Fight .

Dec 22, 2012. One day after the Meta-Wave hit the earth, The Fag-like Jason Heath and his younger brother, Tyler walked into a bar full of 100 rapists. Luckily for them, Jason knew Kung-Fu. Unfortunately, Jason also had a broken femur from the blast just like the leader of the rapist gang (whose name was also Tyler). Still despite the immense pain he was in, Jason managed to summon up his manliness and attack the other Tyler. The younger brother left the fight during the confusion to buy an ice cream cone, but came back with a “mini” gun, and a bunch of hookers. Our hero, Jason laughed at the tiny water pistol his younger sibling had acquired. The rapist, Tyler proceeded to bang the hookers along with the 99 other rapists that were still in the room. Jason began to masturbate while shooting the hand cannon that had replaced the hand he lost during the Meta-Wave blast. Somehow a vortex was created and sucked away all the other rapists and hookers leaving Jason and his less mighty brother alone in the room. Suddenly, Tyler killed Jason with love…..and a spiked baseball bat. Little did he know that was exactly what Jason was counting on. Now our hero could train in the underworld and learn to use his new power

CHAPTER 2: Jason Returns/Prison Break .

After two-weeks in the underworld, Jason was allowed passage back top from the Grim Reaper himself, whom Jason had made friends with. As Jason’s hand burst through the soil that covered his grave he found Tyler there waiting for him. Jason called his new ally for assistance but, Tyler killed the Grim Reaper and gained his powers. Tyler then began to shout “SUCK IT!”. That was when he woke up from his nightmare panting “Was it all just a dream he asked?”

“Nope. It actually happened and the dream was just a flashback”, said the insane person who shared...

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