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This site is where we get the ingredients of making polvoron from crab shell


We’d like to thank the cousin of Wylmer who help us in cooking the polvoron and his aunt Lita who give us crab shells. We also want to give thanks to the father of John Rey who let us cook in their kitchen and also help us in cooking the polvoron. We also want to thank our parents for giving us money to buy ingredients that is needed in our investigatory project.


Our investigatory project results to be successful that mixing crab shell to the ingredients of making polvoron is applicable. So we therefore recommend and conclude to all people that they can put crab shells in the ingredients of the polvoron because it will be more delicious and healthy and surely their kids will love it.

Table Of Content:

I. Introduction
II. Scope and Delimitation of the Study
III. Objective/Purpose of the Study
IV. Review of Related Literature
V. Definition Of Terms
VI. Conceptual Framework
VII. Methodology
VIII. Results and Observations
IX. Documentation/Photos
X. Bibliography
XI. Acknowledgement
XII. Recommendation/Conclusion

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