Andrew Dendinger

The three things I learned about government from this movie that I didn’t know before are how easily things can be manipulated, I also learned how vulnerable the country was to a terrorist attack, finally how the president handled the situation when he found out the country was under attack. It was interesting watching both views on the recount in Florida, the 911 attacks and the war in Iraq.

The movie showed how easily thing can changed and manipulated to display one person’s beliefs and or views of whomever is writing the article or making the movie. I found it interesting how Michael Moore manipulated the article that was posted in the news paper about the electoral votes in Florida, to make it say what he wanted. Then when questioned about it his lawyers said that it wasn’t their fault it was a typo.

The most concerning part of the movie to me was the information that seamed to be over looked for a long time about the danger of attacks on America. I have been trying to be better about believing what I hear on the news and in movies, but if this was true and people knew about pending attacks and the information was some how over looked it’s tragic. If the information about the patriot act is true I think it will help the country greatly in the future in detouring further attacks.

President Bush in my opinion handled the news of the second attack and that the country was under attack very well. Like it was said in the movie it would’ve probably cause more panic to see the president rush out of the classroom. Even if he had run out of the class room what could he have done right at that point to help the situation? I don’t think anything, instead he collected his thoughts and got advice from advisors to make the right decisions then he addressed the country.