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Fashionbi Magazine
Issue No. 1 January 2013

A new soul to the present-day Fashion

Fashionbi Magazine Issue 1 January 2013

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Turkish fashion on a new high
Marivi Avalos, Marketing Manager at Fashionbi
Photo by: Yazmin Yeara

The first issue of the Fashionbi Magazine is dedicated to Turkey’s Fashion industry and it’s new horizon. We want to share the changes that this market is experimenting today and the opportunities it offers for both local and foreign companies. We want our readers to get a complete picture on this, by answering the questions about the demand and the engagement the Turkish consumers have in the digital world. The brands that have an online presence, and how successful they are. Featuring in this issue are two of the top key players in the sector who kindly shared with us their insights about the textile sector, and about the dynamics and insights for Turkey’s developing technical aspects in the fashion digital arena. Finally we want to give special thanks to Mr.Ali Kocali, owner and marketing director of Aster Textiles and also to Mr.Rasim Ayerden from the “online & e-commerce management” sphere at Dsquared2, for their support and cooperation in the development of this magazine. We are proud to offer you this first issue, we hope you enjoy it!

Fashionbi Magazine Issue 1 January 2013

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January 013 Contents

Turkey’s fast-changing 04 fashion market
Changing fashion tastes in Turkey How digitally-smart is the market? Creative brains behind Turkey’s premium market And what about the accessible segments of the market?

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Turkey Fashion Events are 09 gaining significance worldwide Key Success Factors: 11 Marketing & Innovation
The secret for creativity and digital thinking for the future There’s always someone to lead and others who follow! It takes much more than a clever strategy to create an Armani or a Versace in Turkey!

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